Saturday, June 30, 2012


Here are three examples of the Dachshund ... showing two varieties of coat. Two Longhaired Dachshund and one  Wirehaired. The first Longhaired is in the Dapple coloring in the single pattern. The other Longhaired is red. Last but not least is the red Wirehaired.  The Dapple example is living in a Mouse House in California.. he is only one of the pets living in the Mouse's house! He is one of the replica's of the Mouse House's  creator's real dog. The family of mice have vehicles and a swimming pool. Children mice have strollers and wagons to transport the animals around the spacious property. Soon to be in his own movie with the mouse family.. how exciting.

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  1. HE IS SWEET AS CAN BE!!! I am so glad I have you on my blog roll now! Anita