Friday, June 8, 2012


Hounds as in Irish Wolf and Scottish Deer... two of my absolute favorite dogs. Not entirely sure why since my actual experience with the Irish Wolfhound was when the neighbor across the road adopted one. Faye! She was a magnificent animal. Incredibly tall and outrageously fast! Unfortunately she was not typical of the breed and was very aggressive. She hated my little Cairn terriers with no hesitation in flying across the road to get them.. was a frightening time. My Old Ted was not going to put up with her thinking she owned the road so a actual fight happened.  To end this story with a bright side... the neighbors did give Faye away.. hated that it had to be that way but fortunately as with most things it turned out for the best. Faye went to live on a horse ranch to be the companion to a troubled teen boy. She worked out beautifully running in the wind and living a life where she no longer had to prove who was boss of this road! Ted was allowed once again to run the road...

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  1. I love Hounds,the way they Howl just sounds wonderful to me.