Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fox Terrier (Wire)

A example of a larger scale Fox Terrier in the wire hair variety. I love a terrier ... I love the spunk the beards almost everything about them. The charming stubborn way they go about life on their terms. At least my Old Ted was a example of being stubborn or it possibly was that the rules just didn't apply to him! I guess they actually didn't.   Ted was actually Yorkie and Cairn a absolute darling mix.. it did lead me to two more Cairns. The terrier in the pictures is posed with one of my dolls just as I have been doing since I was very little... playing with my dolls and their dogs..  Keeps one young to continue to play..at least that is what I am going with.


  1. Yes Indy I have made many Great Dane .... there should be a blog post about them and some photos on my website