Sunday, June 24, 2012


 The Collie is one of my favorite breeds.. I owned a Collie when I first got married. She was a gift from my sweet husband. Always wanting me to have what I want even when it is probably not the best idea.  He gave me the pup that I named Lady while we were living in Florida when he was in the Navy. Thinking what a good companion and company she would be I'm sure.. I guess I forgot about the Lassie series and how much Lassie was always barking to tell Timmy and his family what was going on around the farm. Lady also felt the need to do a lot of barking! Unfortunately she was not suppose to be living in the apartment! End to that story we moved brought Lady back to Minnesota on a very long car ride. She was a wonderful dog.. gentle and so graceful... her name was perfect for her.. she was a real Lady.  Living in the woods now a Collie would really be out of the question, the grooming would prove to take up more time then one person could afford. This dog miniature is in 1:12 scale, she is a beauty loved beyond belief as it should be of course.  Her own grooming station including professional bathtub. Shelby loves to go on boat rides and road trips and to lounge in front of the fireplace in her over stuffed chair. Makes me so happy to make a spectacular dog like Shelby...


  1. Collies are a favorite of mine too, this one is Beautiful!

  2. I love collie's too - another absolutely adorable miniature!


  3. I am so lucky this Shelby is mine! I love her to pieces in all her full sized glory and in miniature. Lucy, your talent is truly a special gift. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  4. I love this dog. One of my Favs. I have so many.

    Connie Walker