Sunday, June 10, 2012


Miku is a miniature replica of one of two cats in real life named Mika and Miko.. exotic in look and loving in personality these two cats live the life of luxury. I have delighted in the stories of their antics and loving personalities with their owner and with each other at bed time. One of the funny things is Miko is the boss telling Mika what to do and where all day... bedtime when Miko is chilly (not much fur) it is really nice to cuddle together. How sweet that Mika just settles in without one thought of the bossy big sister Miko has been all day. I made the mini of Mika. In these pictures the real Mika seems so interested while Miko seems pretty uninterested in any of it.  Above her to be involved with all this.. kind of like "so what you have a little thing that looks like you..."

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