Saturday, June 30, 2012


Here are three examples of the Dachshund ... showing two varieties of coat. Two Longhaired Dachshund and one  Wirehaired. The first Longhaired is in the Dapple coloring in the single pattern. The other Longhaired is red. Last but not least is the red Wirehaired.  The Dapple example is living in a Mouse House in California.. he is only one of the pets living in the Mouse's house! He is one of the replica's of the Mouse House's  creator's real dog. The family of mice have vehicles and a swimming pool. Children mice have strollers and wagons to transport the animals around the spacious property. Soon to be in his own movie with the mouse family.. how exciting.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Shorty the little gray faced Dachshund. What a doll! Posed with a doll...  showing he is larger scale. Shorty lived in NY with his owners in a beautiful high rise apartment.  Little Shorty sits atop a mantel now in a memorial setting. He lived a wonderful long and very loved life...  Very proud to show off the Tote made by Randal Craig the Fashion Doll designer.. He sent me a number of Totes to carry my mini dogs around in.. he is a really great friend and fabulous Fashion designer..

German Shepherd Dog

Today another one of my favorites.. this German Shepherd Dog in 1:12 scale is already in his new home. German Shepherd Dogs are one of my favorite dog breeds.  Growing up watching Rin Tin Tin I so wanted a  dog like that!   They are difficult to make in miniature because of the unique markings and coloring.  This is a nice example.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fox Terrier (Wire)

A example of a larger scale Fox Terrier in the wire hair variety. I love a terrier ... I love the spunk the beards almost everything about them. The charming stubborn way they go about life on their terms. At least my Old Ted was a example of being stubborn or it possibly was that the rules just didn't apply to him! I guess they actually didn't.   Ted was actually Yorkie and Cairn a absolute darling mix.. it did lead me to two more Cairns. The terrier in the pictures is posed with one of my dolls just as I have been doing since I was very little... playing with my dolls and their dogs..  Keeps one young to continue to least that is what I am going with.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Alaskan Malamute

This handsome fellow with the striking black and white markings is indeed a Arctic breed. Heavy coat big paws and powerful body. My husband and I attend the Land O Lakes Dog show each winter here in St.Paul there is a grooming room with the dog breeds usually having the same area year after year. I am always drawn to the Alaskan Malamute because the impressive size of these dogs is something to get next to. The wonderful giant white paws! Oh I love those big paws.. with the perfectly groomed toe nails. I have mentioned I am sure my fondness of dog's paws. So here we have my recreation of a Alaskan Malamute in black and white Alpaca.


 The Collie is one of my favorite breeds.. I owned a Collie when I first got married. She was a gift from my sweet husband. Always wanting me to have what I want even when it is probably not the best idea.  He gave me the pup that I named Lady while we were living in Florida when he was in the Navy. Thinking what a good companion and company she would be I'm sure.. I guess I forgot about the Lassie series and how much Lassie was always barking to tell Timmy and his family what was going on around the farm. Lady also felt the need to do a lot of barking! Unfortunately she was not suppose to be living in the apartment! End to that story we moved brought Lady back to Minnesota on a very long car ride. She was a wonderful dog.. gentle and so graceful... her name was perfect for her.. she was a real Lady.  Living in the woods now a Collie would really be out of the question, the grooming would prove to take up more time then one person could afford. This dog miniature is in 1:12 scale, she is a beauty loved beyond belief as it should be of course.  Her own grooming station including professional bathtub. Shelby loves to go on boat rides and road trips and to lounge in front of the fireplace in her over stuffed chair. Makes me so happy to make a spectacular dog like Shelby...

Cabin Scene

I had a request from a man that  enters photography competitions... he raises living insects to photograph in some absolutely incredible situations.. Most recently he needed a few realistic dog for his cabin scene. Eventually the Preying Mantis was on top of the cabin as if to attack those down below. I find photography a challenge ... I am photographing little dogs that usually stay where I put them... imagine a the patience to get great pictures of a Preying Mantis.. a little side note.. any idea how many types of Mantis there are? It is incredible.. the beauty is something to see.  All I am able to show you here is my little dogs ... waiting for the action.. Husky,Samoyed and PBG are in these photos

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Irish Wolfhound

I think the cat gets away!

                                                        Love this rustic setting.....

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I have posted a picture of Miku and her namesake in a earlier post ... however after receiving these darling pictures of her in the Manor I wanted to show her again. Very cleaver how you can see her reflection in the mirror. Notice the actual mirror not just paper pretending to be a mirror. I may myself at times get too caught into the realism in my projects. The more realistic the animal the better... when I start introducing my original dogs from the 90's you will clearly see the transformation over the years into realism. Still to come!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Velcro ... lovely marked long lean and beautiful... nothing more needs to be said.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Keeshond & American Eskimo

When I look at this photo the question that comes to mind is ... "Where is the brush?" Keeshonds from Holland and the American Eskimo from America.  I have some really wonderful Alpaca tops  purchase at a Shepherds Harvest held here in Minnesota each spring. Many spinners and farmers come and sell handmade products and some very special fiber. A chance to pick and choose the fiber is very helpful... Wonderfully soft and perfect for fur for these breeds. Wool from some sheep is just a bit too coarse for this purpose. Each breed takes a different type of fiber since all dogs have different coats.  I like them as natural as possible so if I can avoid paint or any other added markings I do. All these dogs are in the same mini home!

Cat & Dog

Much of my artwork is inspired by my own dogs and their antics and poses. This pair I am showing you today was inspired by this photo.  I was so struck by the dog! I loved the expression and the markings along with his type.  He represents the Pit Bull  breed that always has so much negativity around them as being unreliable  as a companion. I have owned one and found mine to be a loving companion. Here I show another loving companion.... only in this case to a little defenseless kitten. The pair did not stay with me long... they were purchased very quickly and now live in London.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Fabulous Doberman in black and tan... Miz was a special piece... all the while I made Miz I had no idea that the real dog had died several years earlier.  Touching tribute to the wonderful Miz much more then just a companion... Miz was everything to this girl. Miz had his own bedroom and lived much as any human child would in a loving home.. Mini Miz is a large memorial piece displayed in the home along with many other objects to create a beautiful tribute to a dear friend. Forgive the old photos since it has been many years. Upon a recent Doberman request I thought I would bring out Miz again here on the blog.

German Shepherd Dog

Another of my favorites... this GSD was modeled after my own dog.  I have since stopped using Choker collars on my real and mini dogs.. find them more dangerous then helpful where I live..

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Miku is a miniature replica of one of two cats in real life named Mika and Miko.. exotic in look and loving in personality these two cats live the life of luxury. I have delighted in the stories of their antics and loving personalities with their owner and with each other at bed time. One of the funny things is Miko is the boss telling Mika what to do and where all day... bedtime when Miko is chilly (not much fur) it is really nice to cuddle together. How sweet that Mika just settles in without one thought of the bossy big sister Miko has been all day. I made the mini of Mika. In these pictures the real Mika seems so interested while Miko seems pretty uninterested in any of it.  Above her to be involved with all this.. kind of like "so what you have a little thing that looks like you..."