Thursday, June 20, 2013


My parents little dog CeCe was a Yorkshire Terrier. I intended to write about my new roombox that I seem to be a little obsessed with.. in my attempt to find something to put in it suddenly CeCe  actually both the CeCes I made my parents were right there... People that know my story know it was the first dog I really made with fur.. the one I am writing about is the second one I made them.  For me I often feel I am following along on a journey and at times the things that come to me in many different ways come for a reason not always apparent at first. When I saw the little CeCe that I inherited back when my mom died 2 years ago I was completely overwhelmed with emotion. Odd how that can strike.. I took some quick pictures of her at that very moment I wanted to feel that feeling from way back when I created her with love, she was received with love and she was shown off with love to my mothers many friends in the residence she lived.I know they must of heard the story of how she was made many times over.. She shows that wear and tear but she has that little CeCe spark yet.  A little story about the real CeCe... we babysat her a few times when my parents would travel. She had a great time here in the woods little city dog fit right in all was great, slept with us love all around.. my father came home (CeCe was really HIS dog) she got on his lap I went over to see him and she growled at me fiercely LOL... however.. now I have a little breed dog and completely get it.. big dogs are just so different that way.. generally speaking..

I will be showing this roombox that has me fixated soon.