Monday, June 17, 2013

Black Great Dane

No cropped ears!  If I lived in another country other than America I would see many dogs that don't have all the alterations I am custom to seeing and making.  I love making Great Danes I don't know what it is.. size majestic look. I have seen many in person.. actually lived downstairs from one.. Clayton was his name. He was a grey brindle marked dog that had ears in the process of standing up.. what that meant is he had surgery to remove part and then had them wrapped in a very uncomfortable looking way. Was not my choice to do this to Clayton. I observed Clayton grow up from puppyhood. A very long process to adulthood for a large breed like this. He was so so gentle and could walk his small apartment without incident.   Here is a unaltered Dane that in some ways reminds me of my own dog Onyx. Jury is still out on what Onyx is..  My Dane in this photo has chewed a sofa a bit but it was a old sofa.. they make wonderful covers for those now days.