Saturday, June 15, 2013


I wanted to share a little update on Miou the Cat from Germany. I call him a Cat now because he is a adult and he has certainly the personality of an experienced male cat running the household he lives in. I know this because he keeps his mom up some nights with worry about him getting into trouble. Much like all us mothers do when our children are out of our sight...  one morning I opened my mail to find the picture I am sharing here.. all I can say is Delightful. I was so happy because  it was just the perfect photo.  The photography of this wonderful friend is always really special with much feeling but this photo just had so much I loved about it. The bits of joy that make life all so enriching. Sharing with you the one and only Miou! ...see the strong essence of him..


  1. That picure is so cute! You have created a lovely likeness of him!

  2. Hello Lucy,
    I think that is the best miniature picture I have ever seen. Your cat is so realistic it looks like a scene from a science fiction movie. This picture just made my day.
    Big hug,

  3. Thank you my friend Giac.. this is a special cat! I am happy to hear you think I captured his essence well. The picture was taken by his owner and I feel just as you do it is wonderful and made my day! Thank you sir


  4. what a great photo...He looks like he is up to something, so Mysterious looking I wish I could hear what he is thinking.