Monday, June 10, 2013

This Dog

This Dog is a dog that started out almost in a hurry... sometimes you need a GSD.  My dog Billie was a female sable GSD this dog reminds me of her...We didn't really know what "Sable" was when we went to look at the puppies. Soon we saw.. they were little foxes! Well that is what came to mind when the two sisters were running around my then 3 year old.  The father dog  was a German trained and responded to German commands (always impressive when a dog knows more languages than you know) so watching him go through his routine was very impressive.. "We will take her"  very happy to have finally made the choice. We waited as the dogs were kenneled so the paperwork could be drawn up. My husband and I noticed simultaneously that the intense whining and barking were coming from OUR puppy. "We will take the other one!"Snuggled up in the backseat with our son she was honored by him with the name Billie... after Billy Two Feathers from Shining Time Station.. yes I give away a lot with that reference.  Now when I look in the face of this piece I remember my Billie one of the best dogs I ever had.  I have had a lot of best dogs but Billie was really MY dog I always knew I was safe with her by my side. Once on one of our many outings in the car she attracted the attention of a police officer resulting in a traffic stop only to be told.."I saw your dog and wanted to see it up close" ... she was a great dog..



  1. Hello Lucy,
    What a lovely post. It is always a pleasure to hear how much love and joy a puppy has brought their human friends. Billy is just gorgeous. Anything I can write will be repetition. You know I think you are fantastic and yoiur work really is art of the highest standard.
    Big hug,

  2. Thanks for sharing!