Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Belly Scratch

  The photo will show the reason I named the post... I spent the day organizing dogs! Not the real dogs, that happens here a lot but this was the mini dogs.  Cleaned out the display case putting sold and commission work in order.Getting ready to start the new work that the owner has been more than patient for. Unpacked Old Ted's replica.. he had been in Chicago with me and I didn't unpack him into the chaos my studio was when I got home.  I am rambling sorry. Was told once by a very close friend reading my writing is a bit like the frolicking lamb I guess here and there  ... The little dog I am writing about was one I came across and had not really given any attention to for some time.  I placed him in a Kari Bloom chair.. my fist Kari Bloom chair in fact.  So many years ago... lets not actually count.  It is to me a special collector piece, reminding me of a loved friend and a wonderful beginning to both our mini work... She makes some incredibly creative things however I asked for a simple chair that I could make my little dogs pose in.. Belly Scratch is posing today. Cute little mix of some sort he seems perfectly content to stay in this chair until someone comes along to give him a real home in a real dollhouse or roombox.  You see I obliged him the belly scratch I can never resist a belly!


  1. Hello Lucy,
    I love reading about the day to day live of such an amazing artist. Again, these pictures are so realistic except for the giant finger you would swear it was a real dog. The position is perfect and as always the face details and eyes are scarily realistic. You are so immensly talented!
    Big hug,

  2. Giac you are so kind and so wonderful to always comment. Thank you so much it means a great deal to me..