Saturday, June 8, 2013

Leo 2 & Summer

Always taken back to being a child in some way when I work... after all I am thinking about dogs or in this case dogs and horses..something I did always as a little girl. Leo 2 seems to be the stable mate of Summer.  Summer and Leo 2. Here is  an example of a little dog with a love to be in the same place as a horse of the same color, they have become quite good friends. A horse that has an expression on his face of kindness and a gentle loving nature. I always wait for that look to come through for that something... spark that speaks to me in some way... I can't explain. Two of my favorites right here. Oh I love horses think what they have always done for us always adding new ways to help us out.


  1. He is so sweet. His eyes say it all...


  2. Hello Lucy,
    That is exactly what you always achieve. When you look into one of your creations you would swear you can see their soul through their eyes. They do not look like they are alive, they look like they are alive and have a personality. Your talent inspires me, you do know that?
    Big hug,

  3. Thank you Giac.. such a wonderful compliment.. I am so appreciative of your constant support of my animals..