Monday, June 3, 2013


 How can a kitty from Germany have such an impact with just a photo?  The online community has had such a impact on my life.. personal and business alike.  One major and very enjoyable one is the people I have met from all over the world and of course their animals.. Always about the animal for me.  A very special woman and cat touched me in that special way that has no explanation. A simple compliment on a beautiful photo has led to a deep and very heat touched relationship.. For me something strikes like lightning! I saw the picture of Miou and just felt compelled to create him in miniature.. I don't remember when I have enjoyed a project more. The fiber fell into place, the special pieces I have held onto for years seemed to be just right for Miou... When the pose is up to me I  let the animal choose.. Miou in a seated position, later I learned one of his pictures is sitting in a window with a slight glance doward.. I loved it!  He decided his pose for me.. I hope you all enjoy this little photo display of Miou.. it is rare I make a cat as I don't think it is my real calling however Miou did call to me! Enjoyed my time studying his little face in photos and getting a real feel for him.. I hope I have captured Miou in all his wonderful glory..


  1. Hello Lucy,
    WOW!!! I am blown away, this kitty is beautiful, adorable, amazing and I want!!! :D I am in love with this perfect kitty of yours, the colouring is fantastic! Wonderful, wonderful work!
    Gill x

  2. Hello Lucy,
    Once again I am in awe! Miou is wonderful. In the pictures he looks so though he is going to run off any second. His face, his fur, his tail...everything is just perfect. Bravo my firend!
    Big hug,

  3. Yes, it's so fascinating to "talk" to people all over the world ... even if you don't know their language.
    This little cat you created it amazing. Her human friend ( some would call it her "owner";-) ) must be over the moon about her. I would be. Have to practice more on my animal sculpting. Maybe I can make a miniature cat that looks like my own little guy.

  4. Thats great, looks just like the picture!! Hannah