Sunday, May 20, 2012


Here is a variety of Papillons in two scales.  Of course the picture of the group in a hand....a very often seen  photo since it really shows the scale. People love the Paps even if they don't own one themselves.  Just looking at the cute soft expressive little dogs tells it all I guess.  First picture is the mentioned group in hand!  Followed by Barbie  holding a 1:6 scale... if only this older Barbie had some life!  Realism is always the point. I have to say there is always a bit of disappointment when a doll holds the dogs because they just don't reach realism.  The doll I admit are really getting beautiful in the large scales ... however they don't look alive yet. Not to me anyway.  Posing them in a way that the love for the dog is showing is my goal. Trying to make inanimate objects show a expression of love toward another inanimate object I guess.   The basis of my work is the love of the Dog always! Creating them started out as just one more way to fill my life with dogs... it remains just one way my life is All Dogs.

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