Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Great Dane

 This Dane has the natural ears... I don't like that we here in America do surgery to alter dogs to look the way we like them to look.. that being said I love the cropped ear look.. so I am a typical American... Could really open a can of worms with the topic of how we alter our dogs through breeding only to create a animal with so many health issues and physical disability's it's not funny... not to even mention the mental condition some dogs are born with.  That will be for another time.. for now here is the most watchful Dane with his natural ears..


  1. I'll admit - I can't tell! Is this a real dog or one of yours?


  2. I agree with you ,the dogs wind up with ear problems because it isn't natural. I thought for a minute that this was real ...I still like it ..great job