Monday, May 7, 2012

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Bebe was a white  Wirehaired Pointing Griffon I made for a dear friend of mine. Bebe was her heart dog as is of course the case with almost all my work.  I certainly love working with the miniature people to create the perfect dog for the perfect setting... however my true passion is always working with the dog owners to create a copy of their real dogs. My work began with memorial pieces and today most of my work is still giving people a little of their best fur friend forever. If the little darling is for a room box or doll house when it's your dog the replica is more then another piece for the setting... it's a representation of something loved in life. Becoming involved with the artwork for me puts life in the piece.  Loving a dog and losing my own heart dog helps me give my whole heart to each piece I make... I could never give less I just wouldn't know how. Dogs are just too important to me to take anything about them lightly.

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