Monday, May 14, 2012

The Manor

Very special post today because it includes one of my favorite dogs and a very special lady that now owns him.  It was very easy for me to become very good friends with the Great Dane's (Lord Wilson) new owner and the owner and decorator of this wonderful Manor.  The interesting part of my new friendship is .. the dogs that started it were from my website not her own dog. She does own a dog! She owns a most handsome Miniature Poodle named Romney. She sent me a fabulous picture.. actually a number of photos of the real Romney. One in his own leather chair in her office. Love that so much! You should see him in it. Also a picture of him with his paw on the back of one of the attorneys from the office as he spoke on the phone.  You get the picture here of who is running the office.  However the focus was dogs she wanted for her Manor.. settling first on this Great Dane. This started daily emails that continue to this day in spite of the dogs already delivered and living in the Manor. Obviously she has a great deal of good taste because the Manor has some wonderful custom pieces throughout.  I am going to include the link to the website where she commissioned this fabulous structure so you can go and look for yourself at some of the great pieces he makes and sells from his site. I have already seen many dog prints he has that would really work for that museum or library I would like to have one day. I hope you will take some time to look at his work. Gallery 5 has more pictures of the Manor.

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