Sunday, May 20, 2012


 Part of the story of Barney is he belonged to Jon Provost. Jon you may remember was "Timmy" from the Lassie series years and years ago.  As a child I had two favorite dogs from TV... Lassie and Rin Tin Tin.. As a little girl of course it could never have entered my mind while watching Timmy with that gorgeous smart Collie Lassie ... that I would one day actually communicate with Timmy. Funny that the dog Jon owned and so loved was not a Collie but a Beagle! I like the picture with the dandelion because it gives you a idea of how large the portrait Barney is. Memorial pieces are nice large so you can really get the feel of the dog. Barney was so loved and so very missed when he passed away. He was a good old dog that lived a very wonderful life full of love and attention ... even meeting Lassie himself. I made this portrait dog of Barney for Jon as a gift from his wife.  Very proud to have the opportunity to do this for them.