Thursday, May 17, 2012


This little 1:12 scale dog was named Pugsie because she started out as a Pug. Sometimes when I start a piece I get a little bored with the same breeds so I create my own little mixes.... A Designer Dog if you will.  Pugsie a complete original in all respects.  The reason she is getting her own post today is this... my son home for a visit passed the display case and focused on Pugsie. "Who is this?!" Now you can imagine my son has been looking at my work for 17 years! Liked many.... disliked some too! His reaction to the face on this little dog made me also see ... it is darn cute! Resembles our Cairn terrier Cinder.  Faces are so important to me .. most of the dogs attract attention for my individual representation of those special faces.  As mentioned in most articles written about my work the dog is not done until that face is just right.. it has to have realism. I wish I was better at photography so you could appreciate better the  expression this dog has. They all have a message if you look closely enough.

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