Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Where to begin talking about Jilli... she is a poker playing Yorkie. Rick Caran has taught her some of the most amazing tricks. Jilli is a rescue found on the street and saved by Rick. Now Jilli is retiring from her travels and appearances. She has cheered the elderly and young alike. I made a mini of Jilli for Rick using her real fur and including a bit of a cat friends fur for sentimental sake.  Heart full of love for this little darling I set out to recreate her as closely as possible. Very happy we did this when we did because darling little Jilli is slowing down these days. I am showing a beautiful head shot of real Jilli and one of Jilli looking over her mini Jilli. Seems the dogs are always interested in the pieces. Some way too interested... resulting in attack and repair but that is not the case with this sweetie.

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