Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Romney...The Miniature Poodle

Well here we have Romney! Romney belongs to the same person that owns the wonderful Manor in the previous post. I think he has such a magnificent face and expression.   Romney as I mentioned in the earlier post has his own leather chair in the reception area of the law firm.  His owner was also very nice to send me a picture of Romney sitting next to all the dogs that live in the Manor. You may notice a black Poodle that resembles Romney.  He seems unimpressed with the entire group. After all Romney lives a very social life... not easy being the meet and greet dog in a very large law firm. One can only imagine the time it takes to say hello to all those clients. Around here it would be a big deal to just keep everyone awake! Most have seen the numerous sleeping photos  that I post of my dogs lounging around all day.  Romney lives a wonderful life and makes all that meet him a little happier.... joining his owner at work each day is about as good as it gets for a dog. They love to be near us and us near them.  I am among the lucky people that get to be close to my dogs all day. I feel very appreciative of having that luxury all these years. Truly a blessing to be near your dog.

In this picture the senior attorney just passed the reception area as a call came in ... he answered the call in Romney's chair and I guess Romney was wondering why ... what a nice boss.. and nice place to work. Mr. Van Camp is a very highly regarded as founder of the firm.Chairman of the Board of Law Examiners and his team grades all the students who sit for the Bar Exam.. He also brings his THREE dogs to work! The caption for  this picture is  "Who's The Real Boss?"  I think I know...

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