Monday, May 21, 2012

Daphne & Bentley

 Today we have  Daphne the Maltese and Bentley the Brussels Griffon.  I've noticed when posting I often have to say they are a dog of a good friend. Funny when I think about how many good friends I have made through the dogs! These dog's owner actually became a friend over the miniature business that soon led to the real dog world as it always seems to for me.  Sadly on one of the visits to the Chicago show to see me as she always does she came with pictures and fur and a sad story about what little Daphne was going through with her cancer.  Breaks my heart as I hear this over and over these days... our pets are suffering from cancer at alarming rates.  I went ahead and created the little Daphne in 1:12 scale and  made Bentley knowing that even in mini form they needed to be together. Daphne is no longer with us and no longer suffering any pain leaving her owner lost without her.  The pictures show the two little darlings in the miniature setting... followed by the pictures of the reproductions, is the picture of them in life.

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  1. that made me cry but Im happy to see that they'll be together in mini