Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jasper Two

Not usual for me to have a request to recreate a dog that is a mixed breed from a picture on my Website. That is just what happened with Jasper. Since Jasper is almost entirely black and so is my dog Onyx ... you will see in the photos below Onyx was kind enough to make sure I did a good job. This happens now and then. Bob has done many inspections ... you may have seen Ted's method of inspection that usually includes a bite or two... he is not requested for this job... he seems to like to volunteer often.  Onyx and I think he is turned out pretty nice. He is going to Germany tomorrow morning. Sometimes it is hard to believe that these little dogs I work on and fuss over here in the woods in Minnesota can travel all over the world as in the case of little Jasper Two!


  1. YOU are so good....unbelievable! HEY, what did you think of that perfect weekend weather we had?????? Anita

  2. Hi Lucy,
    I just love that last picture!Your little friends are so lifel;ike it's hard to tell they are miniatures. Just beautiful. Once again you raise the bar up high!
    Big hug,