Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Here is little Josette .. little in real life as well as in her 1:12 mini representation of her. With only 50 photos and a video of her to work from LOL .. I set out to recreate the mini of Josette using all her own real beautiful chocolate brown fur. Josette belongs to a long time friend from Beverly Hills. This friend came to visit me in Chicago along with her then Health Alert dog Katie!  Josette is replacing Katie in that job. I hate the word "replacing" when we are talking about our little fur friends and family. No animal is ever replaced! It works to help describe Josette's role since she is taking on Katie's job as Health Alert dog. A new dog in our life sort of just shoves  their way into our hearts to help ease that pain of loss when one does leave us here on this planet. Katie was 17 a wonderful long life of service and love.  Josette is still very much a youngster just now settling down a bit. A wild ball of brown fur to begin with. There is a spunk and light in this little ones eye. Poodles are wonderful smart beautiful dogs Josette is no exception.  When the real dog fur is the only fur on a miniature piece this small you must sacrifice some of the realism of the piece. Wonderful soft curly Poodle fur will not look wonderfully soft on a 1:12 piece. However that being said real dog fur makes this little dog really Josette.  Let's hope that the real Josette does not have too much time seeing her mini... I noticed in some of those 50 photos of her ... she has many toys and many bows and collars. Josette... she may not be quite as gentle as you see Bob in this photo where he again is inspecting my artwork.

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  1. Hello Lucy,
    What a beautiful little friend! The hair might not be as realistic as other projects, but that magic twinkle in the eye is right there! I think what I love about your work is that you work so hard on a realisitc finish and charachter and personality. I think Josette is just wonderful!
    Big hug