Saturday, August 25, 2012

Afghan Hound

Watching a Afghan in full coat move in a show ring is something to behold. Not only are they very large thin fast dogs they have the most flowing silky coats.  Watching them walk around with those prominent him bones wonderful long muzzles... an impressive dog indeed. I have never seen a dog that can actually look as though the coat color is pink... however I have seen a pink Afghan.   People would probably actually be amazed at the coloring and position dogs do come and get in. I made a dog once that was judged a unnatural pose! Funny thing about that pose is my GSD was always sleeping in that pose.  He didn't find it unnatural at all.  The photos on the blog today are a dog that I made many years ago.. many many Afghan Hounds have been made in my studio I think I maybe will make a pink one!!


  1. Amazing work. I saw an Afghan hound at a dog show once which had overalls on to keep it clean and tidy :).

  2. Hello Lucy,
    another beauty to put into your catalogue of artwork. This one is just did an oustanding job on the coat and I love the color!
    You always impress me with every post.
    Great job,