Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Airedale Terrier

My father's dog as a child... one of my father's dogs, was a Airedale Terrier named Ted! As a child I heard many stories about the Airedale named Ted. In 1918 my father was a eight year old boy... his constant companion down on the river road where he grew up was Ted. A scrappy robust little dog very suited for hanging out with a little boy that loved to fish and hunt and explore his world. Ted loved any left over fish caught that day or to protect from any passing dogs or if needed to jump on the home made raft for a little ride across the lake.. always joyful,exciting stories with danger and a gleam in my fathers eye as he told a wide eyed interested little girl, because my father loved dogs and he loved that Airedale named Ted. I loved those dog stories my dad told me. I don't know what my father loved more then dogs if anything.. I thank him silently daily for all those dog stories that helped me be the dog person I am today.... My first scrappy little terrier was named Ted in honor of my father and his love for a great dog from the past.


  1. Hello Lucy,
    What a lovely post. Such beautiful memories to have and such a great way for a father to inspire a child. Mini Ted is just wonderful. Not only are your animals realistic looking, but I very much appreciate the positions you create! Each one of your miniatures seems to want to tell a story...or at least bark. I love a mini dog with character.
    Fantastic job. It's great to be ab;le to follow your work.
    Big hug,

  2. Giac.. I am so appreciative of your comments on my dogs.