Friday, August 17, 2012

Mom's Boy

   Jan 2/1995  ~   Aug 17/2009

This was my darling Ted's life... the space between the dashes.  I am writing about him today because it was three years ago we had our last day together.  It is impossible to put down in words what that dog meant to me. It is impossible to think of or talk about him without tears. How can one little animal that doesn't even weight twenty pounds have the most radical affect on ones life? From the first moment I saw him to my last kiss goodbye this dog changed me. I always was a crazy passionate dog lover.. however when that little guy came home with me it was every Christmas and birthday rolled into one. A childlike joy holding him. He knew it I guess because he took such advantage of me his entire life. Rules didn't apply to Ted. Telling all the dogs to stay he followed and looked back as much as to say " yeah you guys stay there ". He was always near my side always! When I would drive up my driveway he was there waiting as I watched his little tail wag his hello  he raced to the door oh happy to have me home again.  We spent a last day much like we spent days when he was a younger dog. I guess he wanted as he always did to give me a bit more of his joy.  I said goodbye to my boy on Aug 17th at 6:05 PM stroking his head as he left me.  I am so grateful for my time with him and the lessons he taught me about unconditional love.  I never wanted him to have any discomfort ... there are many stories of the measures taken to achieve that goal.  A few pictures of Mom's Boy follow. Obviously one of him as a baby.. one of him under my chair reminding me of how I had to struggle to work and not disturb Ted! A picture of him sitting on a piece of poster paper I just dropped... he always sat on whatever I put on the floor... another one of his cute little things he did.. Of course I always thought everything he did was cute.  From the beginning to end he remains seated in my heart until we meet again.