Tuesday, August 7, 2012


What is with the Poodles? This I ask myself when I look at my photos. I have been making Poodles in all shapes, colors,sizes and hair styles. Poodles are fascinating dogs after all.  I can go way back to my childhood .. you started hearing things like "Cocka Poo" actually probably one of the first great mixes that became a well known breed. Very nice mix with Poodles, they are very intelligent dogs don't shed come in a variety of sizes. My very first little dog when I lived on my own was a Cocka Poo. Tuffy was his name he was black and white curly darling as anything could be with a Cocker mother and a Poodle father. Would never promote such breeding today with all the surplus of poor dogs needing homes. However my Cocker at that time well it's  a long story and you know the end. Tuffy!  I went through folder after folder of photos to choose a few for the blog... only to discover I could have a Poodle Blog! I did pick a few I like some old old dogs from back in the early 90's. I have been making Poodles since I started. I am about to start a very special Poodle project and will be talking about it here the closer it gets....


  1. HA!
    Lucy, I think i prefer your miniature poodles to the real thing. I love all dogs, but they have just never been my favourite breed. You did a great job and they look perfect and vERY realisitc.
    Very well done!
    Big hug,

  2. Thank you Giac.. I think Poodles get the wrong impression taken because they have such fancy grooming done to them. When they are just a curly mass they are just another dog ha ha. It's so grand that we all have our favorite breeds.

  3. wow love these, so beautiful.