Friday, August 24, 2012

Bearded Collie

What a grooming job this is! Of course when the word Collie is in the name you know there is some grooming to be done. Smooth coated versions of the Collie is another story and post. This is the Collie from Scotland. Sensitive sweet face on the one I made. They are indeed a herding and driving dog. My Bob is always a bit curios about my work and in one of these pictures you see him in the classic dog pose doing a little sniff. Just have to wonder what my real dogs do think of my work. I have had a few pieces chewed up from dogs I have owned.  In fact I have had to repair many dogs that the real dog has gotten hold of once the piece arrived at the new home. Hard to resist a soft ball of alpaca I suppose.  Real dogs don't have a real great appreciation of artwork..... unless it is Bob...


  1. Hello Lucy,
    Another treasure. You did, yet again, a fantastic job on this one...the face has so much identity and character...well done,
    Hugs to you and Bob,

  2. I love how set them up with the background - most of the time scrolling through Reader I don't even realize I'm not looking at a real dog!