Friday, August 10, 2012

English Pointer

Hunting dogs were in my life from the earliest I can remember since my father raised them. A avid hunter of all game birds, it was a keen interest of my father to have well bred hunting dogs. Myself I never was that fond of them as they always seemed to have way too much energy and not a look I was crazy about. Sorry to all the hunting dogs as I have since found beauty in all dogs I appreciate them now very much. They are not my typical breed to make as most requests sent to me are mixed breeds that the average household has or some of the more common dogs you see each day. Not that many English Pointers walking around my small town. There was much study to be done and many dogs to make before I felt I had the correct English Pointer. Studio full of various stages of Pointers that just didn't make it to the sale room... very pleased to say that one of my Pointers is in the miniature museum in Kentucky on display in a hunting scene. I hope to visit there one day and see my Pointer in person again.....


  1. Hello Lucy,
    He is just gorgeous. I swer the detail in his body is so realisitc. I really admire your get the anatomy of your subject PERFECT each and every time.
    I love all you work, but this one really does blow me away.
    He's beautiful. Good work!
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you Giac for your kind compliments and dedicated watching of my blog..