Monday, August 20, 2012


I can never guess what  a dog commission may bring into my life in the way of challenges or people. Always interesting! It's never as simple as look at a picture and make me my dog. Often many stories need to go along with the dog pictures and fur creating a real base of personality and look for me to work from.  A sentence that just sticks with me relating to Zoey was this one... "well a oriental rug has been eaten so far .. but what a little darling"  I LOVE that! I knew I could easily work with this customer.  This is my kind of dog owner.. the type that sees the darling-ness of the dog in spite of any problem or destruction they may have caused. Zoey is a Corgi mix .. nothing on my table at the Chicago International was quite Zoey, but of course how could it be? She is Zoey! With most dogs we own they are individuals in look and personality. Thankfully all the rescues are saving millions and owners are going to the Dogs of all combinations and styles making what I do interesting and always new.  Mini Zoey caught the eye of a writer for Miniature Collector magazine, she felt that the likeness was so close she should write about my dogs. So happy and proud to show them in this fine miniature magazine. More of my dogs can be seen in the Oct 2012 issue with more  real pets. Here I am finally sharing Zoey


  1. Hello Lucy,
    I hope to read the article on your work. She is so beautiful. She looks like the sweetes little dog int he world. Many people can reproduce a dog with practice, but it just boggles my mind how you give them so much character and identity. I look at this psot and I don't see a Corgi mix...I see Zoey.
    Spectacular work and congratulations aont he article.
    Big hug,