Monday, August 13, 2012

Here Lassie!

 After many recent conversations about Collies and Movie dogs I just felt I would make this post short and sweet with a simple reminder of  Lassie. That warm goose bump feeling that used to come to me as the program started and I watched Lassie running through the country side leaping over the fence to the sound of Timmy's voice calling " Here Lassie" next scene the wind blowing her/his perfectly flowing well groomed fur as the theme song played! Boy I can still clearly feel how I always felt seeing that dog. I still can get that goose bump feeling .... never have really grown up when it comes to dogs.  It's no wonder why Lassie was the very first Movie Dog I ever made.  I put her/him in the pose from the end of the movie ... the slight pause then the paw was raised and the credits rolled.  Jon Provost as Timmy!