Saturday, August 11, 2012

Italian Greyhound

The paradox .... I have always really loved Big Dogs! As a child I always wanted a Big Dog! Italian Greyhounds are one of my favorite breeds to make ... all those slight delicate dogs are just so delightful. Possibly because Miniature Pinschers are one of the breeds that came out of the Italian Greyhounds and I adore my little mini pin mix Ted. These dogs have a way about them a delicate yet tough little dog. They get chilly easily and like to snuggle under the covers when allowed. Taking a nap under blankets would be typical for them.  Clothes is not just a adornment when it comes to this breed...  since a nice warm sweater would be welcome and needed here where I live in Minnesota with the snow and the cold. Below zero would be too much even with that sweater on.  I love the way they pull their delicate legs and paws up close to their body... I love the long pointy feet with the highly arched toes.  I hope you enjoy the photos of a few of the Italian Greyhounds I have made....

1 comment:

  1. Hello Lucy,
    Beautiful work as usual! I only learned about italian greyhounds a few years ago and I think they are just wionderful! You really capture the essence of the breed beautifully.
    Once again your work is fantastic!
    Big hug,