Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brandy Noel

A very special dog.. not that all our dogs aren't special.. Brandy was the Heart Dog of a dear lady I came to know not that many years ago.  Brandy was a American Cocker Spaniel a breed I have had personal contact with since the second dog I ever owned was a Cocker Spaniel... Cindy! Cindy was coal black while darling Brandy was a chocolate brown with a little bit of white on her chest.  Brandy's sculpture was to be bigger so that she could be a memorial piece. I often make the dogs larger scaled for this purpose so that the facial expression can be more detailed. Included in the Brandy sculpture was some of Brandy's real fur. When I get those bags with the bits of hair from the dogs that have already left us.. I take it very seriously. This is a part of someones dog, a dog that meant the world to someone. It is impossible to put into words the emotion that goes into each one of these pieces. From personal experience I know what holding the dog hair in my hand from a dog I loved so deeply that only through tears can I even think of my own darling Ted that has left me with a heavy heart three years ago this Aug 17th. My deep love for that dog and dogs in general is what puts the passion in each sculpture I create. Never taken lightly I work to give a bit of life a touch of the essence back ... each sculpture is special to me. With bits of her fur in place and expressive eyes.. I only can hope for some small comfort when the Mini Brandy goes home to sit at the desk and again look into her owners eyes. I love making all the dogs.. when they are for a doll house or Fashion doll setting they are all important to me. It is these dogs that have went to the Rainbow Bridge that touch me to my soul ~ 


  1. Hello again Lucy,
    Brandy is beautiful. You really did an amazing job on this one! I think what you do is wonderful, especially to help someone who's lost their best friend. I can't even imagine life wiothout Ozzy.
    Big hug,

  2. Lovely story and wonderful sculpture.