Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cinder Times Three

The blog title Cinder Times Three simply is saying I am going to show the Real Cinder and two replica representations of her created with only her fur. I often incorporate the real dog fur into the sculpture because particularly for memorial pieces I think it really gives the touch of the dog... that little bit of your dog back to you a spark of his essence. In these pieces though I used only Cinder's fur.  Doing my own grooming means I have a lot of dog fur some in places we really would prefer not to have it..  Cairn Terriers are stripped of the fur not clipped so it gives me nice long pieces of fur to work with however very coarse.  Having the real Cinder still here with me there is no shortage of fur. She just turned twelve so this is a blog dedicated to Cinder! I have her in a Life Size sculpture kept under a dome the little 1:6 scale sits in my collection... while the real Cinder does pretty much what she wants ~ I guess I should mention Cinder had  a very famous father. He was a champion show dog making it to the cover of many dog Books and magazines about the breed.  We don't care about those things actually it just happened that way. I am so crazy about these terriers.  It keeps me making them just so I can see those darling faces come through again and again.. my artwork is a by product of my devotion to dogs and everything about them sometimes called my obsession. What a wonderful way to be able to share what you love....


  1. MY GOODNESS they are so realistic! This is fabulous my dear, just BEAUTIFUL! Anita

  2. Hi Lucy,
    He's just wodnerful. Again, you make them so realistic is blows me away. Lovely,